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Honey in Your Cocktail May Prevent a Hangover

Honey, lemon, and vodka martini flanked by lemons and a small bottle of AbsyntheOver dangerously smooth anise-perfumed cocktails the other night, a friend told me his mother’s tried-and-true hangover remedy just so happened to be the MVP in our cocktails–honey. I scoffed a bit—isn’t sweet stuff the reason why I hurt so badly the morning after? But four Bee Stings, six hours of sleep and no hangover later, I was convinced.

So honey can banish a hangover? No more throbbing head, dizziness or sour tummy after a night of drinking? Sign me UP!

I poked around a bit to get to the bottom of this delightful mystery, and was able to come up with the following fun facts. It just so happens that honey is acclaimed by scientists for its ability to aid the body in breaking down alcohol. This little nutritional powerhouse can neutralize booze toxins, according to an article in the US National Library of Medicine. Author Arthur Cederbaum states that because honey contains natural fructose, which helps the body metabolize alcohol more quickly into a harmless byproduct, it can end the hangover period faster. (1)

Furthermore, honey pumps us full of antioxidants that protect the liver from alcohol damage. It also contains electrolytes–like sodium and potassium–which our systems exhaust while processing the alcohol, and which need replenishing in order for us to feel better.

Not too shabby.

And I can’t help but think that the whisper of Absinthe–a spirit made from medicinal herbs–must be the proverbial cherry on top, no?

I mean this cocktail is almost…dare I say it…good for you! 

So why not ring in the new you this new year by embracing a cocktail that will love you almost as much as you love it? Now doesn’t that sound delicious?

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What do you use to sweeten your cocktails? Let me know in the comments below!