The Wellness Warrior’s Manifesto

I’m excited to announce the launch of my first eBook! After weeks of writing, taking photos, and figuring out the tech-y details, I’m pleased to now share with you: The Wellness Warrior’s Manifesto.

About the manifestoWriters Manifesto Book Cover

The Wellness Warrior’s Manifesto is a small eBook about changing your life.

Based on the philosophy here at “The Delicious Things in Life” – that the best gift you can grant yourself is the gift of health – this short manifesto is a call to stop making excuses and start making incremental changes. So incremental, in fact, that you hardly notice you’re doing them at all. By taking “insurmountable” out of the equation, we’re making healthy living something that is available to everybody.

I intentionally made the eBook short and easy to digest (unlike a majority of what we eat).

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Once you’ve read it…

If you’ve already read The Wellness Warrior’s Manifesto, let me say thanks a million! This little book was a labor of love, and I feel blessed that you took the time to read it. So tell me… what did you think?

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And wait there’s more…

When you sign up today, you’ll also get my Healthy Habits Tracking Worksheet! This supplement to The Wellness Warrior’s Manifesto will help you shift your perceptions, ditch your limiting beliefs, and master your new healthy mindset! Simply by tracking your daily habits, you’ll start to establish a rhythm that will propel you towards success. And the challenge of beating your best percentage each week provides the momentum to take your health to the next level.

About Jennie O’Connor

I write recipes and blog posts designed to help people take back their health. As a personal chef, cooking instructor and food allergy specialist, my goal is to make wholesome living deliciously satisfying, without a hint of deprivation. Each week, I send out a newsletter with free recipes and health hacks to make implementing positive changes as easy as breathing.