“The Delicious Things” is a blog dedicated to finding healthy substitutes for your naughtiest favorites—recipes that are free from refined sugar, gluten, and dairy—but still taste sinful AF. In these pages, you will find these sublime delights, plus all the other ingredients necessary for a delicious life.
I’m Jennie O’Connor, the writer, recipe developer, bartender, caterer and cooking instructor behind all this deliciousness. Here’s what blows my skirt up…


Dining on a gluten-free and refined-sugar free menu while still living and eating like a king.

Several years ago I did an Elimination Diet and finally figured out why I’d been hospitalized so many times, given inaccurate diagnoses like IBS and ruptured ovarian cysts, and had to inexplicably pop muscle relaxers on the regular just so I wouldn’t die of stomach pain.

Turns out I am aggressively intolerant of gluten.

The realization triggered a relentless quest to re-create all my favorite dishes from my past life. You see, I don’t believe in deprivation. Just ask me how I do on diets.

So just because there are things I can’t have anymore doesn’t mean I’m throwing in the towel! I won’t stop until I find a new and improved version that makes my heart sing, and neither should you.

Preventing illness rather than curing it.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I’m convinced Hippocrates knew what was UP. I sincerely believe if we choose consciously what we put into our bodies, we play a very big role in what we get out of them when it comes to health and vitality. This. Is. Everything. It means that WE ARE IN CHARGE!

Getting healthy using the least amount of energy possible.

How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time. And there is no greater “whale” than turning our bodies into optimally functioning machines. I want to be physically strong enough to survive a zombie apocalypse and mentally sharp enough to get to the castle at the heart of the Labyrinth. What do you aspire to? Let’s find our way together!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way, it’s that baby steps are key! I need a system that feels attainable, so my lazy self doesn’t resort to sloth status. So bring on health hacks and food prep shortcuts; I have a nap I can’t reschedule.

Finding bliss.

Connecting, being mindful, practicing gratitude, focusing, simplifying. When you stop and smell the roses–only then, are you living your most delicious life. As I cultivate this awareness for myself, I can’t help but see the benefit of spreading the zen love.



So in the end, my hope is that this blog inspires you to try something new, practice some self-care, or walk to the store rather than drive because it’s so damned beautiful out.

Simply put, make every day your best one yet by doing something delicious.


Here’s what people are saying about The Delicious Things:


“As a Chiropractor, it’s important for me to teach my patients that health starts from within. I regularly present on all sorts of health topics and always serve Jennie’s recipes as proof that nutritious food can taste amazing.”

~Dr. Tanya Reynolds


“Jennie, these cupcakes were a hit! No one could tell that they were gluten-free and one of the mothers asked me to bring them next week for her son’s birthday!”

~Heather G.


“Thank you so much for the suggestion to try the Elimination diet and for all your tips and advice for making it manageable. I have finally been able to narrow down my intolerances, and they are not necessarily what my allergist said they were. Listening to my body really was the most informative path. I feel great and my dad, who joined me on the diet for moral support, has already lost 8 pounds!”

~Deborah H.


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